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Monaco is keen to shed its reputation for being a tax haven and a ‘sunny place for shady people’, and understandably so, because both are fundamentally wrong. True, there’s no personal income tax but company tax is higher than in many EU countries. Also the conditions for gaining the coveted residency card are very strict. Would-be residents of Monaco must prove they are financially able to support themselves and won’t be a drain on the state and most certainly don’t have a criminal record!

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The result of this due diligence is that super safe Monaco is teeming with successful, dynamic people of all nationalities with one thing in common- a positive attitude to life. The buzz is evident across the principality and its this energy that can be felt in the restaurants, bars, hotels and clubs and at the hundreds of public events held every year. Its true Monaco is not a cheap place to live but if enjoying life in a beautiful and secure place is important to you this unique country is the worlds ultimate-Positivity Haven.

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About Noel Edmonds -
Founder of Positively Monaco

My love affair with the Cote D’Azur and Monaco began over 50 years ago when my parents and I embarked on our first ‘foreign’ holiday. I have a treasured black-and-white photograph of my mum and dad standing proudly either side of the family car outside the Monaco Yacht Club.

Throughout the 80s and 90s I regularly visited the Riviera on professional engagements, hosting car launches, product launches and fashion launches, in fact I had more launches than Port Hercules! In 2005 I purchased my first home in the south of France and three years ago I decided to move to Monaco where I’m proud to say I am now a resident.