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"I love the Principality for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is that I find it an incredibly positive environment. Monaco may be a nation state but in many respects its more like a large vibrant village. The people here, with very few exceptions, really want to grab life and give it a jolly good squeeze! They share my enthusiasm for embracing opportunity and adopting a really positive attitude and that’s why I’ve launched - Positively Monaco.” NOEL EDMONDS

Monaco in the 40's Noel Edmonds first visited Monaco with his parents when he was just 10 years old!

This station is for YOU!

We want you to share in the opportunity to become a prestigious Business Member of both the radio station and our multi channel communications. Our aim is to bring positivity and collaboration to Monaco, and we want to do that with YOU!

Positively Monaco has a maximum of just 30 Members who pay a modest annual subscription for the right to have access to our local, regional and of course worldwide audience. Our experienced media professionals work closely with our members to ensure that their business stories are communicated in the most attractive, compelling and engaging manner possible. We ensure maximum engagement with our audience at a level that cannot be replicated by any traditional broadcasters.

Positively Monaco projects to the world a positive image of the principality and in so doing promotes the business interests of our exclusive members.


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